What’s the most important thing we at Cricket hope you take away from our partnership with Acorns and these Cricket Money Moments? Kennedy from Acorns has the answer.

Ready to start your money journey?

It all starts with starting

And don’t forget to refer and earn!

Top Ten Money Moments from
Cricket and Acorns

It all starts with starting

One of the hardest things about starting on your money journey is, well, starting. But once you can say to yourself, “I can save, I can invest—here I go,” the rest gets easier. Cricket and Acorns will be right there to help make sure of it.

Refer and earn with Cricket!

Want to get a little more money to start your Acorns account? Try the Cricket Wireless Refer a Friend program. You can earn $25 for every person you refer to Cricket, up to $250!2

2Credit to wireless plan charge applied w/in 3 bills of referred activation. Restrictions apply. See below for details.

Get the Top Ten Money Moments
from Cricket and Acorns

For our last week of Money Moments, Kennedy from Acorns leaves you with three nuggets of wisdom to set you forth on your money journey.

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