Whether it’s for your retirement, your kids’ education, a down payment on a house, or a rainy day, a better financial future starts with saving.


If you can only save & invest a little, you shouldn’t bother.


MYTH. All saving and investing matters! Set a goal for how much you want to save for an emergency, like $1,000. Then, invest the rest, even a little at a time. With Acorns, you can even invest spare change!

Grow Your Savings—So You Can Invest In Yourself

Saving vs. Investing

Save for a rainy day

5 great tips for saving some green

Saving vs. Investing

Saving is a smart step in protecting yourself financially for the unexpected. No matter how much you make, if you can spend less than you earn, you can save. Pro tip: pay yourself first—treat your savings like a bill every month until you reach your savings goal.

Investing means putting your money in assets in hopes of getting back more than you put in. Acorns makes it easy by letting you invest small amounts like rounded-up change from your purchases.

A big difference between saving and investing is how much you can expect to earn over time. Saving is essential, but if you only save money, your potential for earnings is lower than if you invest. Even interest-bearing savings accounts historically have n